One of our favorite photos together! This is (obviously) from the day Dani and her husband Tyler eloped in Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park, Colorado.



We are SO excited that you are here with us! Our goal with This Is Not That is to inspire other creatives to live out their passions and pursue their dreams. We both work full-time in the service industry and have so many things that fill our day. This blog is a way for us to channel all of our creative energy and try to share whatever knowledge or insights we might have about all of the things we love. We want to be an encouragement for people like us who feel a pull toward a creative life (whatever that might mean for you) while trying to balance it with the demands of the world (we've all got bills to pay). You can expect to hear from us about single life + dating (Katelyn), being a newlywed (Dani), our dogs, living in OKC (Katelyn) and in Denver (Dani), coffee, books, spiritual journeys, the service industry struggle (you might know just how real that is), photography (Katelyn), calligraphy (Dani), business, nonsense, the list really goes on and on!

Now, a little bit about us...

My name is Katelyn (the one on the left) I'm at 28 year-old photographer, barista, amateur chef, beagle owner, light chaser, writer, and curator of moments. I've been doing photography for nearly sixteen years now and I believe that everyone should have great photos of themselves, not just graduating seniors and couples getting married! We are all so often weighed down by all of our own negative thoughts about ourselves and how we are doing in life and I've found that a great photo of yourself can serve as a great reminder of who you really are and how far you've come. A great photograph captures the human spirit so that it can be looked to again and again and be learned from and inspired by. So send me an e-mail and let's get you some great photos! 

And my name is Dani (on the right). I’m 27 years old and just recently had nearly everything in my life change. I got married, bought a house, adopted a rescue dog and am now starting a new business with my best friend of 14 years. Like Katelyn, I am a barista by day but I am also much more. I’m a follower of Jesus, a lover of people, a self-professed book nerd, a craft supply junkie, a want-to-be calligrapher (aka I finally convinced myself to try after years of longing to be able to do it), a rescue dog owner, a victim’s advocate and a pursuer of social justice. I’ve always longed to create things- inspired moments, provoking art, special events, moving stories- but never had the courage to actually try. So, this will be the story of how my best friend and I seek to live authentic and creative lives while simultaneously inspiring and encouraging others to do the same.