Do Something

I have this saying, a motto if you will. I have “lived” by this motto for years. I breathed it in, always assuming this motto was pushing me forward. “You’ve gotta start somewhere.” You just take that first step and everything will fall into place. Until one day I realized my motto wasn’t pushing me forward but holding me back. I’ve told myself this every single time I’ve tried something new and it hasn’t worked out. Oh well, you gotta start somewhere. I assumed I was encouraging myself to try new things, to just take that first step, to get back up if I fell. But in reality, I was making excuses. It’s okay I only worked out for three days when I started a 21 days challenge- you gotta start somewhere. Oh it’s alright I haven’t read my Bible for weeks- you gotta start somewhere. It’s no big deal I bought all the supplies to try calligraphy and haven’t practiced once- you gotta start somewhere. What I failed to realize is this: starting somewhere just isn’t enough. I have to keep going. I can’t just start a new project for a few days and just stop because “hey, at least I tried, that’s more than I’ve done before.” Excuses excuses excuses. My life is full of them. Or should I say, was full of them. I’m done. I’m no longer “starting somewhere”. Instead, I’m doing something. I’m living the life I want. I’m following my dreams. I’m trying something new and giving it my all.

I have always wanted to live a creative life. I grew up surrounded by artists and it has seeped into my soul. My mother is a mixed-media artist and my step father is an architect. Brittany, one of my closest friends, is an artist who dabbles in nearly every media. Even my brother is artistic when he chooses to be. And Katelyn, my best friend, maid of honor, soul mate and now business partner, well she’s one of the most creative people I know. She’s primarily a photographer but, as you’ll see, so much more. Surrounded by creativity and passion, I have always felt inadequate. I’ve wanted to create for as long as I can remember but I’ve never thought I was good enough, creative enough, talented enough, to actually offer something to the world. (This is a feeling that extends far beyond just my ‘artistic abilities’. You’ll come to learn this feeling permeates every aspect of my life and plays a huge role in who I am.) It’s taken me years of questioning and learning about myself to realize that I am what Katelyn calls “a creative”. She has asked me to join her in this adventure and I decided that this business, this blog, this whatever it becomes, is my moment. This is my moment to stop “starting somewhere” and actually live the life I’ve always desired. And I hope this journey we’ve embarked on is something that speaks to others and encourages them to live the life they’ve always wanted too. Katelyn and I have a shared dream of living authentic and creative lives while encouraging others to do the same. There’s no one else I would rather be doing this with and no one more capable. Katelyn inspires me every single day and I hope together, we can inspire you. Please join us as we go on this amazing adventure together and perhaps, you’ll not only “start somewhere” but choose to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.  

^^^ That was my original post. But I had to add a few words. I find it HILARIOUS how similar my blog is to Katelyn’s. The above portion is what I wrote, in the form of notes jotted throughout the week, prior to seeing Katelyn’s. I just hadn’t edited until now (which is Friday, my day to post… I’m a procrastinator folks). If you read her post on Tuesday, you’ll see that we both had very similar feelings about TINT. It amazes me how similar we are sometimes. And yet, I think sometimes our readers will question how we can even be friends after seeing some of the differences in opinion we have. I think Katelyn said I was her complete opposite in every way when we first met. I don’t think that’s true of the people we are now. But I know we have one major thing is common- this new adventure we call TINT. And as Katelyn asked, “Will you come with us?”>>>