Apartment Life in OKC

Last week I told you guys that one thing I'm thankful for is the experience of living on my own and being ok; today I wanted to talk a little bit more about that.

As I mentioned, I lived at home all through college, up until I was 25 years old (let's not talk about how college took me six years to finish). After I graduated I moved in with my brother's wife (girlfriend at the time). We spent MONTHS and MONTHS searching for the perfect (and affordable) place. We finally found the most adorable duplex in Mesta Park (one of my favorite OKC neighborhoods) and moved in that summer. I lived there up until my roommate and brother decided to get married (the following February). After that I moved back home to save a little money before deciding to venture out on my own again (great timing too, seeing as how my car broke down shortly after and I couldn't afford anything). 

After living back at home with my parents for almost a year (taking the time to save money for a new car), I was finally able to start the apartment search. I figured out what I could afford on my own and I knew exactly where I wanted to be, the only problem I had is that what I could afford and where I wanted to be didn't really work together...

I looked at a few apartments in the area I wanted and I even came close to signing a lease on one. I had convinced myself that I wasn't that small and I could make it work. The outside of the building was gorgeous and the landlord seemed so nice. The day before I was supposed to sign the lease I called the landlord and told him that even though I loved the building and area and him, I just didn't love the apartment and didn't feel comfortable spending that much money on something I didn't love. He seemed...well, mad, but understanding. I felt terrible for backing out but SO relieved for not committing to an apartment that I didn't really love. 

After I turned down the first apartment I went to look at another one close by...it was awful. Seriously, terrible. SO small and had weird carpet and was on the second story (I REALLY didn't want to carry my stuff up a flight of stairs). On top of all of that, the landlord seemed less than friendly. :-/ Apartment 1 and 2 were the same price, basically the same size, in the same area (just a few blocks apart), and just really not at all me. 

I pretty much gave up hope of ever finding an apartment in that area that I would love and could afford. 

A friend of mine noticed a vacancy sign in the lot across from her building and sent me the info. I drove by, gave the landlord a call and set up a time to see it. I remember telling Dani that if I didn't love that apartment I was giving up and moving to Colorado (because that's much more affordable, right? right). 


Ok, maybe not really...but it was pretty freakin' awesome. I loved it. I loved it so much I could barely contain my excitement. I signed the lease that day and paid the first months rent. It was so much more than I could have hoped for. It was so spacious AND the same price as the other tiny apartments I had seen before!

Want to see? Have a look!

Living in this apartment for the last (almost) year has been the most amazing experience. I feel like I've grown a lot as a person (due mostly to things not concerning my actual apartment, but still, I was here) and I am so glad that I found this place to call home for this time.

It hasn't all been blissful Saturday's spent in bed or lounging around in serene solitude. Sometimes it's been really lonely. Like really, really, really lonely. There have been days that I've walked in the door, stood inside my living room and felt the weight of my empty apartment and sometimes the silence has been more haunting than relaxing. There have been moments I've regretted committing to this place for so long. This place that has at times seemed so far away from my family (a whole 20 minutes). Luckily, those moments of loneliness never last and I remember that I've worked really hard to make this little apartment my home. This physical space has been good to me and good for me. This space in life has been really good to me and for me. I only have a month left in this apartment but I know this is a place and a time I will never forget. 


**ignore the weird yellow haze in my last few pictures. Those rooms were too dark for natural light :(