Three Ways to Make Your Creative Life Easier

A creative life is a hard one to live. Whatever it is that you do, art, music, photography, design, writing, jewelry making, pottery, film, etc., it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to do. Making your life about being creative instead of just fitting into a mold takes so much work. Friend, are you hearing me? What you're attempting to do is so incredibly hard. Please, never underestimate the seriousness and difficulty of the choice you're making and never ever ever let anyone else underestimate it for you!

People might try to tell you that defining yourself as a creative is easy to do. I mean, with Pinterest everyone seems to be making something and that's creative, right? So, everyone is a creative...right? Wrong.

Oxford defines "creative" like this:

“ Relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something:”

Webster's defines "creative" like this:

“: having or showing an ability to make new things or think of new ideas

: using the ability to make or think of new things : involving the process by which new ideas, stories, etc., are created”

Does that sound easy to you? Making something new is never easy. Remember that.

Even though it takes a lot of hard work to be creative (I'm talking about prolonged, dedicated, purposeful creativity here), and even though not every journey will look the same, there are a few things we can all do to make the process a little bit easier.

Are you ready? These things are probably not what you're thinking, but hear me out.


1. Get enough sleep

Are you one of those people who thinks they can operate just fine on two hours of sleep? Or, on the flip side, do you often stay in bed for 12 hours at a time? Neither one of these options are good. Over the last several years of reading blogs, listening to podcasts and watching interviews with successful and creative people the amount of sleep people need has come up again and again and again. Our bodies need rest in order to function at optimal levels. This is so important, you guys! Don't let sleep be the thing you sacrifice in order to get everything done you need/want to get done. Make this a priority. Start small. If you are someone who sleeps for two hours a night, start by increasing it to four and then move up until you're between 7 and 8 hours every night. If you are someone who sleeps for 12 hours, try only sleeping for 10 for a few days and then get to where you're okay with 8 hours. We all know we feel so much better when we get the right amount of sleep, so, listen to your body. It knows more than you do.

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2. Eat the right food

This is just as important as getting enough sleep. Your body needs food to sustain life! But not just any food will do. Your body needs the RIGHT food in order to preform at optimal levels! You know I'm right. This isn't a hard thing to understand but it is a hard thing to make happen if you're used to fueling your body with bad food. If that's you, don't worry, you can change! Start small. Do you eat a lot of sugar? Cut out just one sugary thing this week. Yes, just one. Set yourself up for success, friends! Trying to dramatically change everything about your diet all at once is a recipe for disaster (trust me, I've tried it). Make little goals for yourself and every time you accomplish one, add another one. Keep doing this until your diet is healthy and you are feeling great about what you put into your body.

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3. Workout often

We are coming up on a new year and we all know what that means. Gym memberships are about to skyrocket and get used for about two weeks, maybe three if they're super serious. Don't let this be you. You don't have to join a gym. You don't have to spend a single cent on this one if you don't want to! The internet really is a beautiful thing, use it to find great free workouts you can do at home! Again, start small. Add just one activity to your daily (or every-other-day) routine. Build on that one thing until you have a really solid workout plan in place. For years I've gone back and forth with what I'm going to do in my workouts. I've tried P90x, running, Barre3, CrossFit, and pretty much any and all online workout places I've found. None of them worked for me until I gave myself the permission to start small.

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You might be wondering how those three things are going to make creativity easier for you. Well, remember the definition of creative? Making something new. How can you expect to be creative consistently if you're not taking care of your body? Your body controls how much you are able to get done and if it isn't working as well as it can be, you won't be able to be creative as much as you want to. The cool thing here is that you get to control how much your body lets you get done by controlling how much you're taking care of your body! You know how people say, "you only have one life to live so live it well"? Well, you only have one body to use, so use it well.

“Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can”

Remember that quote always. Right it down where you'll see it every day. Put it in your phone, on your mirror, in your car. Say it to yourself every day. Making changes takes time, hard work and dedication, just like being creative. What you want is hard but not impossible. You can do it. Remember, start small. 


Set ONE small and realistic goal for yourself this week that has to do with one of the three things I mentioned above. Are you going to get an extra hour of sleep? Are you going to stop eating one thing that's bad for you? Are you going to start working out? Just pick one thing and decide right now that you're going to do it. If you're up for it, e-mail Dani and I about the change you're going to make so that we can encourage you to stick with it and celebrate with you when you nail it! We are all in this together. We are here for you in whatever way we can be, please don't hesitate to reach out to us! Friend, I hope this week is absolutely amazing for you because you are absolutely amazing!