House Life in Denver

I’ve called Denver home for almost four years now, but it wasn’t until about six months ago that I had a place of my own. Tyler and I became homeowners at the end of June, a couple months before we eloped. The process of buying a home was one of the most exciting and frustrating experiences of my life. We started looking for a house in early February because we knew it would probably take us a while to find a place. The housing market in Denver is CRAZY right now. People are buying homes well over asking price and waving things like inspections and appraisals. But Tyler and I knew we didn’t want to do anything like that (and knew we couldn’t afford to buy a house for possibly more than it was worth anyway). So the process took months. We originally wanted to live in the city itself, so we started by looking at small condos downtown. The price was often right but we were continually out bid by people willing to pay thousands more. And although we had been approved for quite a bit more, we didn’t want to be house poor. So we kept looking. And looking. In the end, we put offers on ten different places (I think, I literally lost track). And the once exciting house hunt turned into a major frustration. I didn’t want to look at even one more house yet I was worried we wouldn’t find something before we got married. We slowly began expanding our search outside our desired area and style. We went from wanting a small condo in the heart of the city to literally saying, “I don’t even care anymore, I just want a house.” Maybe not the best way to approach the situation, but oh well. At the end of May, we saw a small house in a town north of Denver. I immediately wanted it- it was about 300 square feet larger than any of the condos we’d seen, had a huge backyard, and a basement. I’m fascinated with basements because until I moved to Colorado, I’d never seen one. So to me- bonus! We put in an offer- our eleventh I believe- and I convinced myself we wouldn’t get it either. I was in church when my phone started go crazy. “WE’RE UNDER CONTRACT!” I couldn’t contain my excitement. The thirty days until close went by in a blur- emailing documents, scheduling the appraisal and inspection, getting the roof fixed, planning the move from two different cities and a storage unit. But we did it. We bought a house. And house that we have made a home. And I love it. It has just the right amount of work that needs to be done but without falling apart around us. It’s small but has the potential to double in size (hello finished basement!!) It has a massive backyard that is not only big enough for our new 75 pound rescue dog, but also big enough to host our wedding reception. In the end, the process was well worth the wait because now Tyler and I own our first place together and are able to start our marriage in a place just for us. 

Below are some pictures- some from when we first moved in and some a little more recent- all on a camera phone in poor lighting. Don’t judge, Katelyn’s the photographer. As of now, the style is what I like to call “Target chic”. It’s actually an assemblage of wedding registry gifts and our two lives prior to marriage (mine from Target and Ikea, Tyler’s from…who knows actually). Someday we might buy furniture from an actual furniture store, but I like what we have now. It is home after all