Our New Year's Resolutions

2016 is here. A new year. New chances. 356 days full of possibility. I rarely ever make New Year's resolutions because I rarely follow through with them so I figure, what's the point? But this year is different. This year I want to make some crazy goals and believe in myself enough to achieve them.


So what is it that I want for 2016?

I want experiences and adventures and challenges and excitement and reflection and growth and, and, well, I want life. What I want is for the next 365 days to be better than the last. Not because the last were bad, some of them were but most of them weren’t. I want them to be better because if they are better it means I have grown and learned something. Better means I’ve had more experiences. More heartache, more challenges, more failures, more tears, but also more laughter and more success and more joy. At least, that is what I want, that is my hope. I want to be better. I want to take in only those things that will make me better. Mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally. Whatever is going to push me forward, that’s that I want. 

I want the courage to chase my dreams.

I want the confidence to believe that I can do more.

I want the ability to love others with everything I have.

I want the knowledge and drive and stamina I need to build a successful business.

I want the vulnerability to be able to let people care for me.

I want the humility to let people help me.

I want the strength to know my own limitations and how I can overcome them.

There is a lot that I want for this next year and I want to get as far in all of these things as possible so I'm going to set myself up for success. On Wednesday I shared some ways to set goals for the new year that are achievable and I want to use that advice here, with my own goals.

Here's a review of that advice:

1. make your resolution realistic

2. make your resolution specific

3. tell yourself that you can do it

4. recognize that any improvement means that you're successful

5. tell people about your resolution and ask them for help in achieving it

Here are my goals/resolutions:

1. start a profitable business with my best friend --> this is my BIG PICTURE goal but there are a lot of little things that go into it

- to be more specific, I want to complete Startup Camp, a year long online course for entrepreneurs. It JUST started and I am SO excited! More on that in a later post!

- I'm taking time every day to read inspirational quotes and listen to music that makes me excited and telling myself that I CAN DO THIS!

- I'm going to celebrate every month doing all of the reading and work for the course and realize that every single day of work is a win.

- At Startup Camp we send in a letter of commitment AND right here I'm telling all of you about this so that should help me stick to it!

2. Live a healthier life! --> this resolution has several points to it.

- SPECIFICALLY, I'm doing CrossFit (YIKES! I know, but it's awesome)

- my goal here is just to show up to the box ("gym") every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 5:30 am for the next 12 months.

- the same inspirational quotes and music that I'm using to help me get motivated for Startup Camp will help me here

- I'm telling myself that every single time I show up to the box and complete the WOD (workout of the day) will be a win, no matter how many reps I get in or how much weight I use. A for effort!!!

- hey everyone, this is me telling you I'm doing CrossFit! I've also already told my family and a few friends :)

OK so those are just two of my goals for next year but they are BIG goals and they really cover a lot of my other goals (listed above). You guys, I am SO excited about 2016! I think this is going to be my best year yet :)


What Dani Wants for 2016

When I look back at the last year, it’s difficult for me to remember anything but the wonderful “big” moments. I know there were dark days, there always are when you suffer from depression and anxiety. I struggled and cried and fought (with Tyler, myself, and God). I had days where I didn’t want to get out of bed and where I was incapacitated by overwhelming panic attacks. But those aren’t the days I remember and dwell on. Somehow, all I can really remember are the good days, the life-changing moments. 2015 was the year I became a wife, a homeowner, and a dog owner. It’s the year I finished classes at Seminary and decided who I was called to be. So when I think about resolutions, it’s hard for me to think of things that I would change because, even with all the imperfections, my year was wonderful. I definitely didn’t think it was that great when I was in the midst of those dark moments, but now I can see they were. So for my “resolution”, I’ve decided to fully embrace and experience the things in my life. Do I want to lose weight and eat healthier? Of course- who doesn’t? Do I want to save more money and stress less about finances? Obviously. Do I want to find a job doing what I’m passionate about, serving others and seeking justice? More than anything. But when I look at 2015, I don’t think about how much money I didn’t have or how many pounds I’ve gained. I think about my husband and our life together, the friendships and community that help me thrive, and the experiences with family, friends, and coworkers. For 2016, I want to appreciate those things NOW, and not in a year when I’m reviewing for a blog post. I want to worry less and trust more, spend less and create more, complain less and praise more, stress less and laugh more. In other words, I want to live more.

by Dani

Now, the research Katelyn mentioned says we have to have specific and realistic goals for them to actually be attainable. How do you put “live more” into specific goals? That was a struggle for me. I think it probably is for most people, which is why we have vague resolutions that never come to fruition. I have taken my vague “live more” goals and made specific “resolutions” that will help me achieve my overall goal to appreciate life in the moment and just breathe it in.
1. spend less, create more: this is more than just creating art, which I hope to do. But I think creating can mean a multitude of things, such as creating an opportunity for others to thrive, create beautiful works, create a future, etc.
*I see saving money and giving money as creating opportunity- for both my future life and for others to thrive. Today, I changed my direct deposit to automatically take a certain amount from my check and put it into savings. While this may not seem like a huge deal, it adds up and this will help me not even miss the money on payday. A few months ago, I increased our giving by almost double and I guess my resolution is to continue giving as much as we can. (I don’t say this to brag at all, but this is something I care deeply about so by putting it on here for the world to see, I’ll be held accountable). By giving to organizations that serve others, I am helping, in a very small way, to create opportunities for them.
*I will set aside one day of work specifically to spend in creativity, specifically calligraphy and hand-lettering. But I won’t narrow it down too much, because I want to be free to do whatever! My schedule varies but I will spend my (non Sunday) day off in the art room/ kitchen/ studio/ classes/ etc.  
2. complain less, praise more: this is a huge one for me! I am a whiner so I am making a resolution to complain less, especially after looking back and realizing just how good I have it. I really have no right to complain about the majority of things I do!
*I will spend daily time in the Scriptures. To be specific, I am doing a 365 day reading plan to read through the whole Bible in a year. I also have a friend with whom I am starting a bi-monthly coffee date/ devotional time. I think there is no better way to stop complaining than to spend time in the Word of God and praise him for all his lavish gifts of grace!
*I will practice the act of gratitude. My friend got me a gratitude journal for my birthday last year and I’ve actually never used it. But each night before bed, I am going to write at least one thing that I am grateful for. I did this every day in November for a mini challenge and it was amazing! It actually ended up being difficult to pick only one thing to post (it was in photo form on Instagram). And it always helped me to reprioritize and refocus my view on the things that had happened and the words that had been said that day.
These resolution will help me to appreciate each moment of 2016!