The Beginning of My CrossFit Story

So I made a blogging calendar back in December, so that we could be prepared for what we were going to write about instead of deciding the day before... not that we were doing that... anyway, today I'm scheduled to write about CrossFit. 


Yeah. CrossFit. I know that some of you have read my New Year's resolution post and you already know that I'm doing CrossFit but for the rest of you, SURPRISE! I'm one of "those" people now. 

You know who I'm talking about. The people who say "WOD" in everyday language like it's normal. The ones who only eat Paleo approved foods and love to talk about it. The people who talk about AMRAPs and squats and - oh, wait, sorry, that's probably enough. You get it. Yep, I'm one of those people now. Hey, um, sorry I'm not sorry!

I started CrossFit back in November after thinking about it for nearly two years. TWO YEARS! I know someone who started doing CrossFit and it got me interested but I was really scared to try it. I've never played any sports or been athletic AT ALL and I'm pretty sure I've never worked out for more than five days consistently. I thought I needed to be in better shape to start CrossFit. So, I waited.

While I was waiting I signed up for an online subscription to Barre3. I actually really enjoy watching those videos and doing the workouts and trying some of the recipes. It worked for a little bit...and then I hit day three. You probably think I'm kidding, but I'm really not. It's sad. I just don't work well on my own. I did it on and off for about six months before finally deciding to try CrossFit.

I knew a couple of girls who did CrossFit and that got me really thinking about it but I still just wasn't sold on the own. After all, I didn't sportsball at all and I thought that would make me look like a fool. One of the things that helped me feel more comfortable with trying CrossFit was coming across Sadie Jane. Sadie is just a regular lady who wanted to lose weight and feel better and made the lifestyle changes necessary to do so. I honestly don't remember how I came across her but I'm so glad I did! She is adorable and inspiring and I love seeing her Instagram posts and reading through her blog to see what she's got going on. You should check her out. Find her on Instagram here and on the web here.

(^photos from Sadie's Instagram)

The decision was finally made for me when I saw an ad on FB for a CrossFit box (insert "gym" there for clarity) that was offering a discounted rate. SAVING MONEY WOOHOO! I was all about that. It was a beginners level class for 1 month and it sounded great so I signed up! 

My first night I was SO nervous. I got there 45 minutes early and sat in my car. When I got enough courage to get out of my car, I stood in the parking lot outside the door pretending to be on my phone so I could try to see inside and prepare myself for what was about to happen. Eventually I worked up a little more courage and went inside. YIKES! It was loud and sweaty and people were tossing medicine balls around and doing squats and pull-ups and SO MANY OTHER THINGS! I was so incredibly nervous but I went and I did the first night and I went back the next night and the next night and now here we are.

I missed most of December due to being sick/injured (not from CrossFit) and getting back into the habit of going is HARD! I went last Monday and couldn't walk for three days because I was SO SORE from having not gone for so long :( I had sent a text to Dani last week saying I needed to find a way to be motivated to go and she brought up that I put it as one of my resolution's in my last post so I needed to do it. That's actually exactly why I put it in my resolutions. I need people to know that I committed to doing this. I want to change my life and this is one of the steps I'm taking to do that. 

Here are the things I find personally beneficial to doing CrossFit:

-structured workouts that I don't have to come up with

-encouraging team environment (no one leaves until everyone is done with the workout and it's awesome)

-amazing coaching from people who have been where I am (the coaches there are so incredibly helpful and encouraging)

-a better understanding of nutrition and how foods affect my body (they have a nutritionist there who is really cool and knowledgable AND when I signed up I got a 28 day meal plan, grocery list and a whole bunch of nutritional information to help me make better choices)

-feeling like a badass after the WOD (fo real, when I get done with the workout of the day I feel like SUCH a badass)

If you're in the OKC area and you want to join a really awesome CrossFit box with really awesome coaches and classmates, you should join me at Twice Bitten CrossFit

Ok guys, that's my very brief explanation of my short journey in CrossFit. More to come later as I keep going and keep improving. I'm pretty excited about it cause guess what! I bought this clothing item back in September and it was too small and it made me really sad because it is AWESOME and then after only 1 month of CrossFit, it totally fit! YES! #killinit