My Fitness Journey

Hey friends!

Katelyn wrote about how she started CrossFit recently, so I am going to share a little about my “fitness journey”. Which is nonexistent. Working out and I do not get along. At all. But hear me out, I have a really good excuse… It’s hard and I don’t like it. *smirks* Seriously, those people who say that they love to workout are just beyond my comprehension. Even when I ran cross country, was healthy and happy with my body (or, as much as a teenager can be), I hated doing it. Yes, I like that feeling I get after a workout, but it’s really just pride for making it through that torture. Now, to be fair, I really do have chronic pain in my right hip due to an injury that happened in high school. I’ve seen multiple physical therapists and had differing diagnoses as to what exactly is wrong with it, but in the end, all I know is that it always hurts. This ranges from a dull throb that I can pretty much ignore to such intense pain that I can’t even walk. There have been times that my hip has given out as I stood up and I’ve fallen straight to ground. This can make working out more difficult and more painful. Often times, it hurts more because I go from not working out to “I’m going to lose twenty pounds and work out every day!!” That doesn’t exactly go so well for the old lady hip I’m carrying around and I tend to overdo it, hurt myself, and then just use that as an excuse to not work out for a few more months. 

Unfortunately for me, this means I have gained quite a few pounds and am making it more difficult every day to get back in shape. I made a 30 by 30 list about six months ago, and silly me, I made “to be happy with my body” as one of my goals. As well as to do a 14er, complete the Manitou Incline, and do a half marathon. To some people, these don’t seem all that intimidating, especially when you live in Colorado and have friends who have literally celebrated with champagne on the top of their last 14er! As in, they climbed all of them in Colorado. WHAT?!? For others, these may seem impossibly far away goals. That’s me. Completing these goals is contingent on me first, seeing a physician and getting the green light and second, a very slow and steady build up. Even though I hate working out, I’m going to do it. And I’m going to do it slowly, little by little, so that I don’t hurt myself. And so I don’t want to murder someone halfway through. I’ve tried so many things- P90X, Jillian Michael’s, going to the gym with friends, Beachbody, online videos, yoga, etc. And every time, I give up because I just jump right in there. I have to build up to being able to work out 30 minutes at a time. It sounds so unbelievably sad to admit it, but I can’t do that yet. My hip can’t handle it and, let’s be honest, I can usually barely finish even if my hip didn’t hurt. Like I said, it’s hard and I don’t like it.

So, my first small step is to do some type of small workout every day next week. That sounds like a lot, but it truly isn’t. Because I really mean a SMALL workout. As in, one of those 30 day challenges you find all over Pinterest that start with like 5 push-ups and 10 jumping jacks. And I am going to go on walks with my dog, Mr. Bear now that the weather is more tolerable than not. Also seems small, but for most training for long distance running, you have to be able to go for thirty minutes straight BEFORE you can do anything else. So I am going to go walking with the dog and see how my hip handles that. Then I will start doing intervals.

My fitness journey is slow and steady. But hey, that’s how the tortoise beat the hare. Hopefully, it’s how I will beat my hatred of working out and one day, I’ll look in the mirror and be happy with my body, knowing that I am healthy and doing the best I can.