Three People Who Have Changed My Life

#1 Jasmine star

photo sourced from google 

photo sourced from google 

Jasmine is an Orange County wedding photographer that I came across on twitter many many years ago (six years??). I was drawn to her because of her openness and willingness to share EVERYTHING she knew about being a wedding photographer. I had never seen anyone else do that in the industry and I was immediately taken with her. 

Jasmine is someone I think I could be friends with in real life. I think that we would go to a yoga class then on to brunch and then maybe take our dogs on a walk. She LOVES her dog Polo, he is alllll over her blog, FB and instagram :) 

This girl is the reason I know about CreativeLive, a website that lets you take free (when watched live) classes taught by industry leaders. I have bought several of her classes and watched several more live. I love watching her because she's just so real, and so fashionable! I always want to interrupt her live classes to ask her where she got her outfit :) But really, I have learned so much from her. I know that for myself, wedding photography isn't really my niche, but Jasmine has given me the confidence to shoot a wedding beautifully if I ever decide to. 

You really should check her out, she's a lot of fun. Oh, hey, watch this talk she gave at the OC Photo Summit in 2014 on Marketing, Branding and Selling You. I even had Dani watch it and she loved Jasmine too! 

You can find Jasmine in these places:




#2 chase jarvis

sourced from google 

I honestly can't remember how I came across Chase, but it was probably through CreativeLive. Chase is the co-founder of CreativeLive as well as a photographer, director, and well, really, a lot of things. I like following Chase on Facebook because I feel like I'm following someone I could know in real life, not some very distant way out of my reach celebrity (which he is in some areas of the photography world). 

Chase was recently a contributor to an article on where he gave a little bit of business advice along with five other creative entrepreneurs. Check it out here. If you follow him on Facebook you'll get to see his mini episodes of CJRAW where he talks freely about creativity, passion, healthy living, mindset, and whatever else he feels like talking about. From all that I have seen from him I can say with confidence that Chase if very passionate about empowering other creatives to do their best work and be the very best version of themselves that they can be. Chase also has his own "show" on his website called Chase Jarivs Live where he has interviewed some really awesome people like Brene Brown, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York), and, my next influencer on the list, Tim Ferriss. 

#3 tim ferriss

I started listening to Tim's podcast over at about a year ago and it has changed everything for me. Here's a little info about the podcast from his website: 

...focused on deconstructing world-class performers — is often ranked #1 across all of iTunes (also iTunes’ “Best of 2014” and “Best of 2015”) and has exceeded 50,000,000 downloads in recent months.

Tim has this really natural, conversation style of interviewing people that I really love. I don't feel like I'm listening to some random guy with an impressive resume asking questions of someone else with an impressive resume I feel like I'm listening to someone who is genuinely interested in the world and people around him try to get to know some really interesting people. 

What changed everything for me was hearing the people he would interview (those world-class performers) echo each other in saying, "I was scared out of my mind," or, "I had no idea what I was doing," or, "I just want to work hard and create things I'm proud of and that's it." Listening to his podcast helped me to realize that EVERYONE is scared and NO ONE has it all together/figured out. Essentially, the podcast gave me permission to start living life the way I want to because it let me know that even the people at the top (in the way I'm choosing to define "top") had to start somewhere and when they started they were scared and they are still scared but they just show up every day and do what they do and hope that something amazing happens. So, all that to say, if you haven't listened to the podcast or you've never heard of Tim Ferriss, you should check it/him out.  

Here are some of my favorite podcast episodes:

Brene Brown on Vulnerability and Home run TED Talks

Maria Popova on Being Interesting, Creating More Time in a Day, and How to Start a Successful Blog

Charels Poliquin on Strength Training, Shredding Body Fat, and Increasing Testosterone and Sex Drive

those three people changed my life

Jasmine gave me the truth about what being a wedding photographer is like and showed me that I get to choose what kind of photographer I want to be. I don't HAVE to be a wedding photographer if I don't want to. I don't HAVE to be a family photographer if I don't want to. She helped me have enough confidence in myself to say NO when I don't want to do something. 

Chase has showed me that while being able to create things for yourself is so important, it is equally important to empower others to do the same. We should never stop learning and growing and pushing others toward their own version of success. 

Tim's podcast has let me hear from so many amazing people that it's ok to be scared and it's ok to be unsure, everyone is. Listening to his podcast was what finally gave me enough courage to start this blog. 

Who has changed your life? Who gives you courage? Who lets you know that being scared is ok? Who encourages you to just get started?