Five Things You Probably Don't Know About Dani


Katelyn shared some things you may not know about her, and now its my turn!


1. I love q-tips. Seriously. I love the feeling of cleaning my ears after a shower and I get super sad when I'm on a trip and forget them. Its weird. 

2. I really don't like driving. And I'm not that great at it (don't tell my husband I admitted that). Especially through tunnels. Eww. Luckily for me, Katelyn and Tyler enjoy driving, so I get out of it most of the time. Unlucky for me, they scare me in the process.

3. I talk to myself. All the time. I'm sure people have probably noticed and thought I'm crazy. Because it's portrayed as if it's something crazy people do, but I think it keeps me sane. 

4. I cry a lot over television shows and movies. But not for real life things. Usually if I'm sad about something in real life, it takes a sad scene to cause me to actually cry. A few years ago,  Katelyn told me she's only seen me cry "like twice". We'd been friends for over ten years at that point.

5. I'm lactose intolerant but my love for cheese is too important to me. So I suffer through tummy pain to eat all the cheese. 


PS it was really difficult to think of these five things. Either I'm an open book or super boring. 


And some things you may or may not know about Katelyn. 


1. She's cooler than you. And me. And everyone. I swear she sets trends. She'll talk about something and then all of a sudden its everywhere. I'm talking about phrases, clothing, everything. Next time she randomly starts saying something new, I'll tell y'all and guaranteed it will be popular two weeks later. 

2. She's unbelievably awkward about compliments. You probably do know this if you've EVER said something even remotely complimentary. I save every meme about awkard compliments to her Pinterest board. It's hilarious. 

3. She's only been to the doctor maybe... twice in her entire life. You'd assume more but apparently she didn't even go when her arm was pulled out of socket...twice...  If she's sick, I'll tell her to go to the doctor and then sort of chuckle, because, yeah right.

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