Dating Your Spouse

Happy Valentine’s Day! I, as usual, had great plans for this post. I was going to share the cute little project I am working on for my husband’s gift. But, as usual, life had other ideas. The hubs is super sick. He had whatever I had last week, only about 10X worse. I have never seen this man take a sick day from work and today was his third. So instead of making him presents, I made him soup and played the good little wifey. I guess I will just make it a “6 month anniversary” present, which is coming up in a couple of weeks. So instead, I’m going to share a little about me and Tyler, via our dates. When Katelyn and I were coming up with post topics, “date your spouse” was one that came up for me. I’ve seen about a thousand pins about date ideas, so I figured I wasn’t exactly the expert and wasn’t planning to do a post about that. Now I am. I’m just going to share some of the dates Tyler and I have been on (with pictures, if I was able to force him to do it!). None of them are all that original but most of them are special to us. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration for tomorrow. 

*Typical dinner at a restaurant*
Yep, super original. When Tyler and I were engaged, I lived with his sister and he lived with his parents over an hour away (don’t judge- we were able to buy a house that way). But that made dating a little difficult because neither of us had much space to do original at home dates. So we went out to dinner quite frequently. It was one of the only ways we felt we could be alone, even though we were surrounded by people. It was nice to just get away from life and be together. And we were able to try a bunch of different restaurants in and around Denver. But before and after that temporary situation, we wanted to spend less money and do more fun things together. 

*Trips to the mountain*

One of the best (and cheapest) things about living in Colorado! We drive to little mountain towns all the time! These dates vary quite a bit. Sometimes we literally just drive and enjoy the scenery, sometimes we grab hot chocolate and go to little bookshops. We’ve taken pictures of the changing aspens and gotten almost stuck in snow packed “off limits” areas (oops). Other times we’ve rented a boat, camped overnight, or gone on a hike, all of which were a first for me before we moved here! This is probably one of my favorite things we do together. This is also exactly what we were doing when Tyler proposed. 

*Boozy dates*

Tyler and I have had plenty of dates revolving around alcohol! Mainly, because these dates are super fun and usually not that expensive. We’ve been to multiple brewery tours, a whiskey tour and a wine festival. The brewery tours are always free and the wine festival was about $13 each to try wines from dozens of vendors. Plus there were booths with people giving out samples of whatever they were trying to sell. Score!

*Art walks/ festivals*

Yet another cheap date for the Paulks. If you can find your city’s version of a “first Friday” art walk, you should definitely hit that up. All the galleries are open to the public for free and they usually all have snacks and drinks out. Plus, looking at and talking about art is so much fun! We’ve also been to quite a few art festivals, both in OKC and Denver. I think we had more free samples of alcohol, coffee, and food at these than anywhere else. 

*Sporting Events*

Tyler and I aren’t the biggest sports fans, but we usually try to make it to a game or two each year. Here in Denver, you can get Rockies tickets for about $5 and in OKC we were able to go to Thunder games for about $10. We’ve never been to a Broncos game because, well, money and we’ve only been to see the Avalanche because we got free tickets. This isn’t our go to date, but we’ve always had a good time. Once, we went to a Rockies game on Memorial Day and got to go down to the field and watch fireworks!


Tyler and I have a lot of at home dates where one of us will make dinner for the other. This becomes a “date” because we will share a bottle of wine and actually eat at the dinner table. These are less common than you’d think because we often work opposite schedules and I’m in bed before he gets home from work. Katelyn got me this amazing newlywed cookbook that’s centered around cooking together and Tyler and I have already picked meals that we want to try. We also always celebrate New Year’s Eve at home rather than at a big party. We’re homebodies a lot of the time. 


We’ve also been a few “mini trips” together. I call these mini trips because they are to places where we can drive in one day and we only stay for a weekend. Denver was our usual mini trip until we moved here. We’ve also been to Manitou Springs, Estes Park, and Santa Fe. These don’t usually end up being cheap but they’re definitely cheaper than an actual vacation. We try to find festivals and events going on while we’re there that we can do for free. And we pig out on all the best food. 

Feel free to share your fun date ideas! Tyler and I have decades more of dating each other!!