Yesterday Tyler and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it was a good excuse to go on a date. I was going to write about the responses I received from my last post today but I decided to wait until next week. The responses went along almost perfectly with a book that I am reading so I want to finish that book and include it all in the same post. So today, I’m just going to talk about our celebration. If you can really call it that. For Valentine’s Day, I wrote about dating your spouse and it hit me that Tyler and I hadn’t gone on one of those “dates” in a while. Our schedules are pretty opposite most of the time. The only day we know we have off together is Sunday and it is usually filled with church, cleaning and other things that just “need to get done”- like giving Bear a bath or doing the laundry we’ve neglected all week. A typical week day for us: I get up at 3 am to go to work and by the time I get home around 1, he has already left for his job. When he gets home from work after 9, I’m in bed because I have to be up in six hours. Not every day is like this, but his schedule just changed so more will be than not. Yesterday I happened to work a short four hour shift and was home from work before he even woke up. And he was scheduled the day off. We didn’t request to have our “six month” off together, but somehow it worked out that way. So what did we do?! We just spent the day together. We didn’t do anything remarkable life altering or go on some major adventure. We just…were. He made me waffles for breakfast. We sat together on the couch while I read the book I was just talking about and he watched a little t.v. We played with Bear. We took a nap (hey! I’d been up since 330am). I gave him this card I found in Boulder when Katelyn was visiting. I thought it was hilarious and held on to it for over a month. He took me out to dinner to one of my favorite places. Nothing fancy but I actually put on make-up, so it was somewhat special.  We ate way too much food and came home full and happy. No need to go into detail about what happened after that. And the whole day was wonderful. Because we were just Tyler and Dani spending time together. We had conversations about everything- dreaming about cars we couldn’t afford, moving to this place or that someday, when we would have kids, who we would and for sure wouldn’t vote for, etc. It was just life. And to me, it was an amazing day.

Plus, I got to practice a little hand-lettering making him a fun present. When I realized that we hadn’t been on as many dates recently, I decided that we needed to make sure we were making time for each other, despite our ever changing, opposite schedules. I made him a little packet of dates- one per month- until our one year anniversary. Now, this is not an original idea AT ALL. I saw it on Pinterest ages ago and a friend of mine did it for her husband last Christmas. Or maybe Valentine’s Day. (Super cute story- he actually did one for her too and they had no idea. They ended up having two dates a month and sometimes they were exactly the same! And then this year, they ended up making each other the same gift again, this time an “I LOVE YOU BECAUSE…” board to write little notes to each other. How adorable are they!?) Anyway, Tyler gets to open the envelope at the beginning of the month and we will pick a day to go do that date. Probably a Sunday, let’s be real. When he opened it, he kind of smirked and said, “Are these all dates that only you would want to go on??” I started cracking up and promised they were all similar to things we had done together before, so I knew he liked them. For March, we’re going on a hike to have a picnic near a waterfall. I don’t want to share the rest of them because he doesn’t know yet! But at least two include one of my 30 by 30 goals, because who else would I want to attain my goals with but my husband? 

Here are some pictures. (TYLER- DON’T LOOK! IT WILL RUIN THE SURPRISE!) 

Today, we’ll probably just clean the house and I’ll force him to watch the Oscars with me. Ah, that married life.