How Katelyn Is Living a Creative Life of Her Own Design

Dani and I thought that since we started this blog with the intention of bringing encouragement and tips for others to be able to live a creative life of their own design, we should probably tell you about how we are doing that in our own lives! Today I'm sharing one thing I've been working on and on Friday Dani will be sharing about what she's working on. Ok, let's get to it!

Over the last fourteen years I've dabbled in several creative endeavors and while some of them were a lot of fun, most didn't last long. Trying new things is exciting but if your heart isn't in it, "new" gets "old" really fast. That's what happened with scrapbooking, painting, drawing, blogging (until now), photography (until now), fashion, interior design, restaurant management, writing, jewelry making, the list could go on.

In college I changed my major several times because I just couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted to do. I was interested in so many things and while you might think that would be really awesome, it really just sucked. It was so hard to focus on any one thing enough to stick with it, so I bounced around. When I finally graduated (after six years) I had a degree that I had no intention of using, no interest in and something that I honestly felt to be a bit boring (for me). I only picked it so I could be done with college and move on to whatever was next. Turns out what was next was what I was already doing (Starbucks).

Fast forward three years and I'm finally doing something that I want to do and taking it seriously. Remember a little bit ago when I mentioned photography as one of my hobbies that didn't stick? Well, it came back and it stuck this time. It didn't stick before because I felt like if I wasn't getting paid to do it, I wasn't good enough to keep doing it. Money defined success in my mind. Now I'm defining success as doing what I want to do. I want to take pictures, so I'm going to take pictures and I don't need anyone to hire me to tell me that I can. This is one of the major things I'm working on in my pursuit of living a creative life of my own design.

Photography is something that I love. I love holding my camera, I love adjusting the settings, I love composing a shot. I love seeing something with my eyes and then capturing it forever. I love the feeling I get when I take a shot and completely nail it. It's an incredible "YES YES YES THIS IS IT!" kind of moment. I can't even describe it to you, it's just so amazing. 

There is a quote I came across in a book about a group of photographers who changed the course of photography. The quote is a conversation between Ansel Adams (he's a pretty famous photographer if you didn't know) and his mother after he told her he was leaving music to be a photographer.

“‘But Ansel, the camera cannot express the human soul,’ his mother wailed when she learned of his defection. ‘But Mother, perhaps the photographer can,’ he replied.”
— Group f.64 by Mary Street Alinder

I got tears in my eyes when I read that for the first time. It was exactly how I felt but had never been able to put into words. For me, photography is all about expressing the human soul. My soul and the soul of everyone I have the honor of photographing. And it is a huge honor to me. 

This time around I'm taking a leap and learning everything I can to further my skills behind the camera and my skills as a business owner. This is my business. I am a photographer. Period. I might never have another paying client but I am a photographer. I will keep taking pictures as long as I can hold a camera. I love the experience of getting to know someone through my lens and I will never stop. Oh, and hey, I would love to take your picture :) You can visit my photography page here on TINT to see a bunch of pictures but I wanted to start showing you more right here in the blog. I hope you can see a little bit of the human soul through my photographs; it's the whole reason I do this.